Jewels inspired by ancient traditions, uniqueness and exquisite artisanship.

Nana Aristova’s passion for jewelry is traced back to her childhood and to the discoveries made through traveling around the world. During her childhood she was strongly attracted by jewelry traditions of Scythians (ancient population of Siberia, the country where she was born). Later while exploring various jewelry making traditions throughout the world, she found that the handmade art of Bali particularly seduced her. It wasn’t long before she met Ketut, a balinese lady who became her partner and dear friend and together they have built a team of skillfull lady artisans in Ubud (Bali) that handcraft unique jewelry by fusing contemporary designs with balinese ancient traditions. She also created a Lab in Italy where she personally makes jewels.

“I am passionate about exquisite artisanship and ancient jewelry making techniques that are disappearing in our modern rapidly changing world where often commercial and industrial logic prevails on the fine craftsmanship values”

“My Mission is to create unique jewelry that mantains ancient values and traditions and helps our artisans to express their passion towards their work. Each of our jewels is 100% Handmade and some pieces require several days of patient work in order to be completed. We love celebrating the beauty of connection and deep passion, working with skillful artisans in Bali who practice the art of handmade jewelry that has been passed down from generation to generation. I am also passionate about supporting womans comunity: indeed 95% or our artisans are women. We strongly believe that deeply connecting to our artisans and local community leads to mutual development and supports generations of skillfull and proud women. Balinese culture taught us how important are the intentions of Kindness and Positive Energy behind each of our jewels, indeed we make a special balinese ceremony for all of our jewels in order to fill them with blissful and kind energy.”