A Contemporary Jewelry Collection

Nana Aristova designs are original and aim to inspire confidence and femininity in all women wearing her pieces. Nana Aristova jewels can be worn every day, and wearing them will inspire you by encouraging your inner harmony and beauty. Timeless yet modern bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings are handcrafted using materials such as 925 silver, gold vermeil and high quality gemstones, our artisans create each piece with love and according to antique techniques, resulting in powerful and unique jewelry.

“Fusing old jewelry making techniques of the exotic East and modern Italian jewelry making tecniques”.

Nana Aristova’s passion for jewelry is traced back to her childhood and to the discoveries made through traveling around the world. During her childhood she was strongly attracted by jewelry traditions of Scythians (ancient population of Siberia, the country where she was born) and later those of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Later while exploring various jewelry making traditions throughout Asia, she found that the handmade art of the Southeast particularly seduced… Leggi di più

Unique Items

Discover our unique line jewelry collections, made of 925 silver and semi-precious stones.
Rings, bracelets and necklaces that will talk about you and succeed in representing you. Discover the collection!